Our Practice

Welcome To Our Practice

We have been providing integrated family health care to residents of the Atlantic Seaboard (and beyond) for over 17 years. We consider Family Medicine the cornerstone of healthcare, and pride ourselves on the excellent care and steadfast commitment that we offer. We do our utmost to cultivate what we feel is most central to healing – the relationship with our patients. In an increasingly complex world our health can seem precarious as we are bombarded with confusing information and escalating risks to our wellbeing.

We will help you to navigate and manage your health challenges, providing you with comprehensive, accessible care that integrates up-to date knowledge of prevention, diagnosis and treatment with the complexity of you and your families’ everyday lives.
We work closely with trusted colleagues and fellow professionals and strive to seek a balance for our patients amidst the fragmentation that often occurs within hospital and specialist environments.

Our health is our most precious resource, influenced by and touching all aspects of our lives, from our most mundane activities to our most intimate relationships. We value the opportunity to help you on your path to better health.


In our practice, we draw heavily on the principles of Family Medicine as described by I. R. McWhinney
( McWhinney’s Textbook of Family Medicine (4 ed) Oxford University Press. Feb 2016.)

  • An open-ended commitment to the person, rather than a particular body of knowledge, group of diseases or special technique, that endures over an extended period of time and prioritizes the relationship with that patient.
  • An importance placed on understanding the personal, family and social context of the patient’s illness.
  • Seeing each contact with a patient as an opportunity to include health prevention and education.
  • To be aware that certain patients may represent specific at-risk populations.
  • To work as part of a wider network of colleagues, specialists and other health professions, and to utilize these resources to the best advantage of their patients.
  • To live within the community of the patient population.
  • To be prepared to see patients in their home environment, understanding that many health problems can be managed in a home environment without recourse to hospital admission.
  • To give importance to the patient’s perspective and feelings about their health and illness.
  • To understand that resources are not limitless and martial those resources available to the best advantage of their patients and populations.